Learn Calligraphy-style Handwriting Techniques with edding or Drawing on a Tote with Textile Pens
Practice your calligraphy technique with edding's calligraphy pen and branded notepad. Submit your favorite quote in this rounded calligraphy-style handwriting. Bonus project: take your inspiration off the page and bring it to color on your tote with edding's textile pen set. Nothing can stop your creativity!
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Our New Item Project contest is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated, we are truly inspired by all your creativity.
Winners Announcement: July 9th.
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We still want to celebrate your creativity, so you can continue sharing your artwork after June 30th, it just will not be eligible for the contest.
1. Post on Instagram
Post your completed projects on Instagram for a chance to win a brand prize.
2. Tag your Post
Tag your post with the brand’s hashtag. Find hashtag: Hashtags by Brand List
3. Include your name
Be sure to include your name & store name in your post to participate.
Note: Your Instagram account must be a public account to participate. If you don’t have an Instagram account and wish to participate, contact us at events@macphersonart.com for further instruction.